Setting the version number for a Release

  • Create a version resource in the shippable.yml file. Specify your initial version in the versionName field.
  # Version resource
  - name: release-version
    type: version
      versionName: "1.0.0"
  • Create a release job in the shippable.yml file. Specify the version resource and your manifest or deploy jobs as inputs. In this example we provide a single manifest job as an input.
  #Manifest job  
  - name: java-img-manifest
    type: manifest
      - IN: ecr-img
      - IN: ecr-img-opts

  #Release job    
  - name: release-job
    type: release
      - IN: java-img-manifest
      - IN: release-version
  • Running the release job will set the current version to 1.1.0, incrementing the minor version. To increment other components of the version, such as major or patch, please see the section on incrementing version numbers.

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