rSync is a job that is created internally by shippable when you add a syncRepo. Whenever you make changes to your syncRepo, we automatically execute this job to synchronize your changes to DevOps Assembly Lines. The name of the rSync job is the syncRepo's name + _rSync.

When an rSync job runs, it evaluates the entire collection of resources and jobs in the subscription. It figures out which items have changed based on the commit that triggered its execution, and then decides if it can successfully make the updates or not. If there is any item that cannot be updated, or is missing critical information, the rSync job will be marked as failing, and logs will be printed showing the reason for failure. In most cases, resources that cannot pass rSync's check are marked as inconsistent. This means that any jobs attempting to utilize those resources will be skipped. Resources can be marked inconsistent for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Invalid integration name present in resource definitions.
  • Invalid IN or OUT definition (referencing a resource that doesn't exist, often occurs due to a typo in resource name).
  • The dependent resource or job was removed making the once-valid object invalid.
  • The integration it points to is no longer valid, maybe due to invalid credentials, or the user who owns the credentials is no longer a member of the organization

In most cases, these can be resolved by updating the integrations, or fixing the typos and re-running rSync manually from the UI rSync job

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