Updating versions for an OUT resource

Resource updates for OUT resources are automatically handled by managed jobs, but custom jobs need to update these resources as part of their custom scripts. Updating these OUT resources is essential to trigger subsequent portions of your deployment pipeline.

Updating the versionName for OUT resources will trigger a new version of the resource and any jobs that depend on the resource will be triggered.

Let us assume you have an unmanaged job myCustomJob that takes two input resources: a gitRepo resource myRepo and a Docker registry integration resource myIntegration. It builds a Docker image myImage as part of the custom script doSomething.sh and wants to push the image to a Docker registry. The next job in the pipeline, nextJob depends on myImage, so every time myImage changes, the version needs to be updated. Visually, it looks like this:

Updating a custom job's resource

Let us define the resources in shippable.resources.yml:

  #define gitRepo: myRepo

  #define docker registry integration: myIntegration

  #define image resource
  - name: myImage                           #required
    type: image                             #required
    integration: myIntegration              #required
      sourceName: "myRepo/myImage"          #required
      versionName: 1.1                      #required

The custom job will be defined in shippable.jobs.yml as shown below. myRepo and myIntegration are IN values and myImage is the OUT value:

  - name: myCustomJob
    type: runSh
      - IN: myRepo
      - IN: myIntegration
      - TASK:
        - script: ./IN/mexec-repo/gitRepo/doSomething.sh
      - OUT: myImage

In order to increment resource version for myImage and ensure that nextJob is triggered each time the image is updated, you will need to update the versionName of the image resource after building and pushing the image in doSomething.sh:

#build image command

#push image command

#update output image
createOutState() {
  echo versionName=$IMAGE_TAG > $JOB_STATE/myImage.env
  cat /build/state/myImage.env

When you update the versionName, Shippable creates a new version for this resource and this triggers the rest of your deployment pipeline.

This method of updating versions works for all types of resources.