Testing your Assembly Line configuration

Since your workflow configuration is all written as code in shippable.yml, it is best to test it and visually see the workflow that will be created, before actually adding it to Shippable.

The YML Builder feature allows you to do exactly this.


  • Go to your Subscription page by clicking on it in the left navigation bar.

  • Click on the YML Builder tab.

Test your DevOps Assembly Line

  • Click on the Import YML icon.

Test your DevOps Assembly Line

  • If you have your config in a source control repository, select the Import from git repo tab. You can also choose to paste your config and import it by selecting the Import from YML tab.

Test your DevOps Assembly Line

  • Select the repository and branch where your shippable.yml config is stored, and then click on Import to see your workflow visually.

Test your DevOps Assembly Line

If there is a problem with your configuration, we will show you an error or warning so that you can correct them.

Please note the following:

  • The YML Builder feature is not supported for pull requests today, so you will not be able to visually preview results of a pull request that changes workflow configuration. We're working on this.

  • We support resource sharing across Assembly Lines in the same Subscription. If any of your jobs reference resources or jobs (in the IN, OUT, NOTIFY sections) that are not defined in the config that is being tested, these jobs/resources will still be shown in the YML Builder view for completeness.