Anatomy of shippable.triggers.yml

Triggers are used to manually start a job. They are very similar to resources, the only difference being that updating a resource in the YML will not start the dependent job(s), but a updating a trigger will.

A YML config file shippable.triggers.yml is used to define triggers. Anatomy of the yml is here: Anatomy of triggers yml

This file should be committed to source control in the Sync Repository, along with shippable.resources.yml and

The anatomy of the triggers configuration in shippable.triggers.yml generally follows the structure below

  - name:               <string>
    type:               trigger
      counter:          1
  • name -- an alphanumeric string (underscores are permitted) that makes it easy to infer what the resource represent e.g. trig_ci. This name is used to define the IN entities to Jobs.

  • type -- is always set to trigger

  • version -- changing any value in this tag will fire the trigger, in this case changing counter value will start the Jobs that use this trigger as an IN

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