Setting job timeouts

You can set custom timeouts for CI(runCI) and runSh jobs. Managed job types like deploy, manifest, etc have internal logic for timeouts which cannot be configured in a custom fashion.

Default timeout values for CI and runSh jobs is 60 minutes for free Subscriptions, and 120 mins for paid Subscriptions.

To set timeouts for your CI jobs, please refer to our CI documentation on setting timeouts.

The instructions below show you how to set a custom timeout value for runSh jobs.


  • Before you start, determine the timeout value you want to set in minutes. For free Subscriptions, the timeout value can be any number between 1-60 minutes, and for paid Subscriptions, it can be any number between 1-120 minutes.

  • Update your job configuration in shippable.yml to define a runtime section and timeoutMinutes key:

  - name: prod_deploy
    type: runSh
      timeoutMinutes: 30  # Set this to the number of minutes you want               
      - TASK:
          name: print_hello_world
            - echo "Hello world"
  • Commit the changes above to shippable.yml. This will automatically update your existing workflow to include the timeout value. If this is a brand new workflow, you can add your config to Shippable by following instructions here.