Status notifications for Pull Requests

If you have a gitRepo as IN to your runCLI job, you can see the job status for Pull Requests to your git repository .

You can turn this ON or OFF using the showBuildStatus tag in the gitRepo resource.

For example, the runCLI job will be configured in as shown below for this scenario:

  - name: <name>                                
    type: runCLI                               
      - IN: myGitRepo                           
        showBuildStatus: true                   #set to true if you want job status to be shown in your SCM UI
      - TASK:
        - script: <command>
        - script: <command>

The corresponding gitRepo resource in shippable.resources.yml needs to include the tag buildOnPullRequest: true as shown below:

  - name: myGitRepo                             
    type: gitRepo                               
    integration: <integrationName>             
      sourceName: <repoName>                    
      branch: <branchName>                      
      buildOnPullRequest: true              #specify true to trigger the job for pull requests to the git repository

  • If the runCLI job is triggered as a result of the a Pull Request for the configured repo (repoName) and (branchName), the build status message be displayed in the UI of your source control provider.

  • When the runCLI job is in the processing state the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Processing

  • When the runCLI job successfully completes, the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Success

  • When the runCLI job is cancelled or failed the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Failed

Further Reading