Sending pull request status to source control

Most source control providers have the ability to show you build results from an external CI provider like Shippable with your source control UI. We provide pull request status for the following types of jobs:

  • CI jobs (i.e runCI), which automatically post PR status, and,
  • runSh jobs which are triggered by a gitRepo resource, where you have to specify if you want the status to be sent to source control

This tutorial shows you how to configure a runSh job to send Pull Request status to source control.


If you have a gitRepo as an IN to your runSh job, you can see the job status for pull requests to your git repository.

  • Update your gitRepo resource in shippable.yml to include the tag buildOnPullRequest: true:
  - name: myGitRepo                             
    type: gitRepo                               
    integration: <integrationName>             
      sourceName: <repoName>                    
      branch: <branchName>                      
      buildOnPullRequest: true     #specify true to trigger the job for pull requests to the git repository

  • Update your runSh job with the showBuildStatus: true tag:
  - name: <name>                                
    type: runSh                             
      - IN: myGitRepo            #                   
        showBuildStatus: true    #set to true if you want PR status to be shown in your SCM UI
      - TASK:
        - script: <command>
        - script: <command>

  • Commit the changes above to shippable.yml. This will automatically update your existing workflow to include the status notifications. If this is a brand new workflow, you can add your config to Shippable by following instructions here.

  • Next time your runSh job runs as a result of a pull request, you will see the status as follows:

    • When the runSh job is in the processing state the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Processing

    • When the runSh job successfully completes, the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Success

    • When the runSh job is cancelled or failed the GitHub UI will look like Build Status Failed