Scheduling workflows to trigger at a specific time

In addition to event-driven triggers, you can also schedule your jobs/workflows to trigger at a specific time of day or day of week. This is achieved through the time resource.

The time resource gives you cron options, which is a standard format explained here. Please remember that triggering a job in a workflow will also cause downstream jobs, if any, to be triggered.

Scheduling job triggers

For example, if you set job-2 to be triggered at a specific time as shown in the image above, job-3 and job-4 will trigger in sequence as expected. job-5 will not be triggered since there is an approval gate between job-3 and job-5. job-1 will not be triggered since it is not part of the downstream workflow.


  • Identify the job in your workflow that you want to trigger at a specific time.

  • Define a time resource in your shippable.yml:

  - name: trigger_job1  # name your resource
    type: time
      interval: "*/2 * * * *" #This follows standard cron format. This particular config will trigger job every 2 mins  
  • Configure this resource as an IN to the job you want to trigger:
  - name: job1
    type: runSh
      - IN: trigger_job1
      - TASK:
          name: print_hello_world
            - echo "Hello world"    
  • Commit the changes above to shippable.yml. This will automatically update your existing workflow to include the time trigger. If this is a brand new workflow, you can add your config to Shippable by following instructions here.