Running jobs on a specific node pool

By default, all jobs run on your default node poo.

If you want to run your runSh job on a specific pool, you can configure this in your shippable.yml. The common reasons for this are:

  • Your runSh job is resource intensive, so you want to use a specific node pool which has bigger machines
  • You want to run the job on Mac OS, Windows, or CentOS and hence want to select a specific node pool
  • You want to run some jobs on a specific pool for security reasons


  • Update your shippable.yml as shown below:

  - name: run_on_big_pool
    type: runSh
      nodePool: bigNodePool  # Specify your node pool name
      - TASK:
            - echo "Hello world"

The value for the nodePool tag above has to exactly match the pool name in your Subscription Settings.

  • Commit the changes above to shippable.yml. This will automatically update your existing workflow. If this is a brand new workflow, you can add your config to Shippable by following instructions here.