Running jobs on Arm machines

In addition to x86/x64, Shippable also supports Arm builds. It is the only hosted CI/CD platform to offer native CI/CD for Arm developers.

Even better news? Building on Arm machines is absolutely free for open source projects! Thanks to our partners Arm and Packet, we have been able to forge an alliance to support the open source community.

This document explains how to enable Arm builds for your Organization/Team and configure your jobs. Before you start, please be aware of the following:

  • Your free Arm builds will be executed on a shared pool of machines that are available to all open source Arm-based projects.
  • We run each build inside a container, which is destroyed when the build ends. So your build information and artifacts will be cleaned up before the machine is repurposed for another build.
  • You will not be able to run native Docker commands as part of your build workflow. If you need this, please contact us at
  • runCI and runSh jobs are both supported for Arm.

If you're interested in building commercial projects on Arm, you will need to use our BYON functionality


Follow instructions below to start running builds on 64-bit Arm machines. To run builds on 32-bit Arm machines, send us a note at and we will enable this for your organization/team.

1. Get a new shared license

  • From the left navigation bar, choose the organization which contains your open source Arm-based projects.
  • Click on the Gears icon at the top right of your Subscription page, and click on Billing.
  • Click on the Edit button, and then click on the Add new SKU button.
  • Choose the Shared plan type, which is currently only available for Arm. Choose aarch64 Architecture, and Ubuntu 16.04 for OS as shown below.

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  • Click on Save to update your plan.
  • You will now see your nodes on the Node Pools page, which can be accessed by going back to the Subscription page, clicking on the Gear icon, and clicking on Node pools.

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2. Configure your YAML

Next, you need to configure your shippable.yml to run on this shared pool of Arm machines.

CI jobs

If you are running CI jobs, the shippable.yml configuration is explained on the YAML config page, and our support for CI in general is explained in CI overview.

  • Enable your CI project.
  • Add a shippable.yml to the root of your repository and configure your workflow. Read the configuration reference for help with config.
  • The important thing here is to configure your builds to run builds on the shared node pool. The runtime section of the YAML will help achieve this. Set it to shippable_shared_aarch64 as shown below:
  nodePool: shippable_shared_aarch64
  • That's it! Commit your config file and your project will start building on the shared pool!

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runSh jobs

If you want to configure a multi-stage workflow with event driven triggers (what we call Assembly Lines, you should use the runSh job type, which can also be defined in shippable.yml. You should know the following before you use runSh:

To run your runSh job on the shared Arm node pool, add the following to your job. Set the nodePool tag to shippable_shared_aarch64, and container to true as shown below:

  - name: myArmJob   
    type: runSh
      nodePool: shippable_shared_aarch64
      container: true
    # rest of runSh config  

Add your Assembly Line config to Shippable and start building your runSh job!