Running job against specific versions of IN resources

By default, Shippable uses information from the most recent or latest version of an IN input when running a job. However, you might want to run your job with older versions of inputs., for example, to roll back an action.

We support this scenario with version "pinning", where you can choose a specific version of inputs to run your job. Input versions may be pinned either though the yml configuration or in the UI.

Pinning resource versions in shippable.yml

You can pin a specific input version with the yml below:

  - name: job_name
    type: job_type
      - IN: resource-1
        versionName: "user friendly version e.g tag or commitSha"
      - IN: resource-2
        versionNumber: "shippable's internal version number"

You can use versionName to pin gitRepo and image resources. The versionName contains:

  • gitRepo: commit SHA
  • image: tag

You can use versionNumber, Shippable's internal incremental numbering system, to pin the following resources:

  • dockerOptions
  • params
  • replicas

Pinning versions in the UI

To pin a version of an input resource in the UI, first right-click on the job and click Configure Job. This will open a configuration page where you can select a version to pin for any of the inputs. Versions may be unpinned on the same page by selecting Latest version.