Inserting approval gates in your CD workflows

Your CI/CD workflows can be configured to be automatically triggered from start to finish, or to have one or more approval gates, where the workflow waits for manual input to continue. A great example of this is if you want your CI/Test/Staging workflows to be automatic, but want gated production deployments.

Scheduling job triggers

This tutorial shows you how to "stop" your workflows at any point and require manual intervention to get trigger the downstream workflow.


  • Identify the job where you want an approval gate. Also identify the input resource(s) or job(s) which should not automatically trigger the job.

  • In the job config in shippable.yml, add a switch flag to the inputs where you want an approval gate:

  - name: prod_deploy
    type: runSh
      - IN: staging_deploy
        switch: off
      - TASK:
          name: print_hello_world
            - echo "Hello world"            
  • Please note that if you have multiple IN resources or jobs and you don't want any of them to trigger prod_deploy, you will need to add switch: off for all of them.

  • Commit the changes above to shippable.yml. This will automatically update your existing workflow to include the approval gate(s). If this is a brand new workflow, you can add your config to Shippable by following instructions here.