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Dedicated Dynamic Nodes

Dedicated Dynamic nodes are dynamically provisioned on EC2 when a job runs and terminated after the job completes. These nodes are dedicated to a specific build, meaning they are not multi-tenant.

More information on the pricing of these nodes can be found here.

Sizes of Dynamic nodes

  • C4.Large
  • C4.xlarge
  • C4.2xlarge

More information on the pricing of these nodes can be found here.

Provisioning a Dynamic Node

Dynamic nodes take around 2-3 minutes to provision. This cost is incurred on every build. If you want to save on provisioning time, use Custom nodes which run all the time.

Maximum time allocated to a Dynamic Node

A dynamic node executes jobs, each of which have their own specific timeout. The platform checks if the Dynamic node is idle for the last 5 minutes at the hourly boundary. If the node is idle, it is immediately deprovisioned.

Machine Images

Dynamic Nodes are booted with a Shippable Machine image. Each Machine image is versioned and comes in a Ubuntu 14/16 flavor.

A machine image is set at the level of organization/team (a.k.a Subscription) only and cannot be set at a project level (unless the project is moved to its own dedicated organization/team).

We currently offer the following Machine Images. You can click on any one to see what is pre-installed on that image:

Machine Image Release date
v5.7.3 Jul 20, 2017
v5.6.1 Jun 05, 2017
v5.5.1 Apr 26, 2017
v5.4.1 Mar 30, 2017
v5.3.2 Mar 11, 2017

The default Machine Image for your subscription is the latest image available when your Subscription was added to Shippable.

In most cases, the default Machine image set for your Subscription will be sufficient to run your builds. The main reasons why you might want to consider changing to a more recent image are:

  • You need a newer language/service/package version
  • You need a newer Docker version

Viewing Organization/Team Machine Image

To see what Machine Image is being used for your subscription, go to the Settings tab of your Subscription and click on Options in the left sidebar.

The top item on this page will show you the machine image currently being used:

Machine Image for a Subscription

Changing the Organization/Team Machine image

To select a different Machine Image:

  • Go to the Settings tab of your Subscription
  • Click on Options in the left sidebar and select the image you want from the dropdown under the 'Machine Images' section. Please note that this setting will affect all projects and builds in your Subscription.

Machine Image for a Subscription