BYON Nodes

Shippable platform enables you to either use Shippable provided On demand nodes or BYON nodes. The biggest reason for doing this is that your code never leaves your infrastructure. Because of this, we try to keep adding support for more architectures, operating systems and Docker versions that can be used with Shippable. Following is the list of platforms that are currently supported.

Architecture OS Docker Version
x86_64 CentOS 7 17.06
x86_64 macOS 10.12 17.06
x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04 1.9
x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04 1.11
x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04 1.13
x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04 17.06
x86_64 Ubuntu 16.04 1.13
x86_64 Ubuntu 16.04 17.06
aarch64 Ubuntu 16.04 17.06
x86_64 Windows Server 2016 17.06

CentOS BYON Nodes

macOS BYON Nodes

Ubuntu BYON Nodes

Windows Server BYON Nodes