Upgrading Shippable Server

Shippable server can be easily upgraded using the Admiral CLI to any released version. We recommend you upgrade Shippable server during downtime as the upgrade updates and restarts core services. During upgrade, all your builds jobs will get queued and will be processed after the upgrade completes.

1. Clone admiral repository.

SSH into the server machine and cd into the admiral directory from where you had previously cloned the admiral repository. If you do not have the admiral repository cloned, you will need to clone the public admiral repository using the following commands:

$ git clone https://github.com/Shippable/admiral.git
$ cd admiral

2. Checkout the release you want to upgrade to.

  • List the available released versions using the git tag command.
  • Run git checkout <tag> to checkout the release you want to upgrade to.
  • Please note that we DO NOT support downgrade, so your checked out release version should be higher that your installed release version.

3. Run the upgrade command.

./admiral.sh upgrade

Once the command completes, all Shippable services will be running on the release specified. Please email support@shippable.com if you run into any issues.