System settings

The System Settings section of the Admiral UI lets you set some system wide parameters.


The Run mode controls the level of logging and other configuration that is very internal to how Shippable Server is implemented. The default mode is production. You should not change this without guidance from the Shippable team.

The API retry interval is the interval between API retries when other Shippable microservices try to call APIs.

The Account sync frequency is the interval at which every user account is synced with their source control provider account. This keeps repository lists, permissions, etc., in sync with your source control. The default is 4 hours and there is no reason to change this unless recommended by the Shippable team.

Ignore TLS Errors allows you to configure your Shippable Server to ignore all TLS errors. Do not enable this unless you need to work with self-signed SSL certificates in a trusted network.

Automatically synchronize SCM allows you to control whether Shippable will automatically synchronize repository lists and permissions from the configured SCM providers. This automatic synchronization may not be desirable if your SCM has a very large number of repositories. If you turn this off, each Shippable user can manually add the repositories they would like to see on Shippable through their Account Profile page.

Manage System Superusers allows you to configure the user accounts that will have superuser privileges. Follow these steps to configure superusers.