Shippable Server admins

Admins are users who have visibility into all accounts, organizations, and projects across your Shippable Server instance. They can search for user accounts, view build activity, or trigger certain actions on behalf of another user. However, they cannot view any sensitive information like integration details, passwords, tokens, keys, etc.

You should restrict admin access to those who absolutely need it.

Adding an admin

In your Admiral UI, click on System Settings and scroll to the bottom and view the section on MANAGE SYSTEM SUPERUSERS.

Enter the account ID of the user you want to upgrade to admin status. You can find the account ID by clicking on Profile in the left sidebar and note down the Account Id at the bottom of the screen.


  • Paste the account id and click Add.


Removing an admin

Click on the Remove button in front of an admin to remove them. They will be demoted to a normal user with visibility restricted to their own accounts, organizations, and projects.