Configuring Swarm Workers

Shippable uses Docker Swarm to manage all microservices, which are Docker containers. While the default setting installs Swarm on the same node as Admiral, you can choose to add Swarm workers in order to configure your installation for high availability in case a Server node goes down. The more Swarm workers you have and the more capacity each worker has, the easier your microservices will recover if any node(s) go down.

Adding Swarm Workers

Swarm workers are added in the UI interface of the Admiral installer. Workers should be on Supported OS nodes and Docker 17.06 will be installed during initialization.

To add another machine as a worker, do the following before clicking Apply:

  • Select Add a new swarm worker on the SWARM section in the Control plane panel.
  • Enter a name for the worker and the IP address and click Save If you would like to add more than one worker, repeat this step to add the other workers. Each machine added must be running on a supported OS.
  • Run the command displayed on each new worker to allow Admiral SSH access to the machines and check the box to confirm that this step was completed. SSH access is required to run the setup scripts.

Swarm worker UI setup

Configure all of the other infrastructure components how you would like them installed and click Apply. Progress installing and initializing components will be shown on the right side of the Control plane panel.

Viewing logs

Once workers start initializing, you'll be able view the initialization logs by clicking the Worker init logs button.

Swarm worker logs