When you run a runCI job on Shippable, the following popular services are already pre-installed for your convenience:

This page describes the versions available for each Service and the Machine Image(s) where you can find them. These services can be started automatically in a runCI job.


Version Machine Images
1.6.1 v5.3.2 and later


Version Machine Images
6.1.1 v6.1.4
5.5.1 v5.8.2
5.5.0 v5.7.3
5.1.2 v5.6.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
1.5.4 v6.1.4
1.5.0 v5.8.2
1.4.39 v5.7.3
1.4.34 v5.6.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
3.6.2 v6.1.4
3.4.7 v5.8.2
3.4.6 v5.7.3
3.4.4 v5.6.1 (Ubuntu 16.04)
3.4.3 v5.4.1 and v5.5.1 (Ubuntu 16.04)
3.4.2 v5.3.2 (Ubuntu 16.04)
3.0.15 v5.6.1 (Ubuntu 14.04)
3.0.14 v5.5.1 and earlier (Ubuntu 14.04)


Version Machine Images OS
5.7.20 v6.1.4
5.7.19 v5.8.2 Ubuntu 16.04
5.7.18 v5.6.1 and v5.7.3 Ubuntu 16.04
5.7.17 v5.5.1 and earlier Ubuntu 16.04
5.6.33 v5.3.2 and later Ubuntu 14.04


Version Machine Images
3.3.1 v6.1.4
3.2.3 v5.8.2
3.2.2 v5.7.3
3.1.1 v5.6.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
10.1 v6.1.4
9.6.3 v5.6.1 and later
9.6.2 v5.5.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
3.6.14 v6.1.4
3.6.10 v5.7.3 and later
3.6.6 v5.6.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
4.0.7 v6.1.4
4.0.1 v5.8.2
3.2.9 v5.6.1 and v5.7.3
3.2.8 v5.5.1 and earlier


Version Machine Images
2.3.6 v5.8.2
2.3.5 v5.7.3 and earlier


Version Machine Images
2.2.3 v5.7.3 and later
2.2.0 v5.6.1 and earlier


Version Tags
3.8.1 v6.1.4
3.4.0 v5.6.1 and later
3.0.1 v5.5.1 and earlier


Version Tags
3.22.0 v6.1.4
3.19.3 v5.7.3 and later
3.11.0 v5.6.1 and earlier (Ubuntu 16.04)
3.8.2 v5.5.1 and earlier (Ubuntu 14.04)

for ubuntu14 OS, AMI v6.1.4 onwards, sqlite-tools like sqlite-analyser are not installed. To run this you need to install 32 bit C libraries using:

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386


Version Tags
3.11 v6.1.4

Cassandra versions 3.6 -3.11 are broken for oracle java due to a recent release. To use Cassandra, you should run it with openjdk8 for it to work correctly. This will be patched as soon as newer version of Cassandra is available.