What are Machine images?

A Machine image is an pre-baked image that contains all the necessary components installed to run your CI (runCI) or runSh jobs. Every Subscription (org/team depending on SCM you use) has a default version of the machine image configured. This default is setup whenever the first CI or Assembly Line is enabled on Shippable.

The following picture shows the components of the machine image and how they interact with each other.

  • When a new job is triggered, Shippable orchestration spins up a new build node, aka minion, with your default Subscription machine image.
  • For CI jobs configured with shippable.yml, the Shippable Agent on the build node spins up a build container using either the default Docker image depending on the language tag in your yml configuration or a custom Docker image if specified in the yml. All commands in the ci and post_ci section of your YAML are run inside the build container.
  • For runSh jobs configured in shippable.yml, commands in the script section are run in the Shippable Agent.

Machine Image for a Subscription

We currently offer the following Machine Images. The default Machine Image for your subscription is the latest image available when your Subscription was added to Shippable.

You can click on any image below to see what is pre-installed:

Machine Image Release date
v6.1.4 (latest) January 25, 2017
v5.10.4 October 27, 2017
v5.8.2 Aug 10, 2017
v5.7.3 Jul 20, 2017
v5.6.1 Jun 05, 2017
v5.5.1 Apr 26, 2017
v5.4.1 Mar 30, 2017
v5.3.2 Mar 11, 2017
Stable Feb 19, 2016 (deprecated)

In most cases, the default Machine image set for your Subscription will be sufficient to run your builds. The main reasons why you might want to consider changing to a more recent image are:

  • You need a newer language/service/package version
  • You need a newer Docker version

Viewing Subscription Machine Image

To see what Machine Image is being used for your subscription:

  • From the left sidebar menu, click on your Subscription

View Subscription

  • On your Subscription Dashboard, click on Settings, i.e. the Gears icon, on the top right which will show a dropdown. Click on Nodes

Machine Image for a Subscription

Changing the Subscription Machine image

To view your machine, image follow instructions in Viewing Subscription Machine Image section above.

You can click on the Machine Images dropdown to select a different image. Please note that this setting will affect all projects and builds in your Subscription.

Machine Image for a Subscription