Node JS

This section explains how Shippable DevOps Assembly Lines Platform behaves when you set language: node_js in your shippable.yml for a runCI job,

language: node_js
  - 5.12.0

The default version of the language image depends on the machine image selected for the subscription. You can override this by using the pre_ci_boot section or even build your own image from scratch.


This table helps you choose the right language version tag to set in your shippable.yml for your app. If you don't provide a node_js tag in your YML, the default version will be used.

Any Node JS version tag can be used on any image, but using an image that has the required version cached which will improve your build speed. The language image with a particular tag will be available on the edition of the Runtime AMI with the same version number. If you specify an image tag that does not match the Runtime AMI, it will be used but will also increase your build time.

Node JS Version Language Image Tags
8.2.1 v5.8.2
8.1.4 v5.7.3 and later
7.10.1 v5.7.3 and later
7.4.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
7.3.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
7.2.1 v5.6.1 and earlier
7.0.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
6.11.2 v5.8.2
6.11.1 v5.7.3
6.9.4 v5.6.1 and earlier
6.8.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
6.7.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
5.12.0 v5.3.2 and later
4.8.4 v5.7.3 and later
4.6.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
4.2.3 v5.6.1 and earlier
0.12 default v5.6.1 and earlier
0.10 v5.6.1 and earlier
iojs 1.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
iojs 2.0 v5.6.1 and earlier
iojs 3.3.1 v5.6.1 and earlier

You can use more than one of these to test your app against multiple versions using matrix builds.

Default Behavior

  ci: <is not set>

If you do not set the ci section of the YML, then we will inject this section to your YML definition at runtime:

    - npm install    # if yarn.lock is not present
    - yarn install    # if yarn.lock is present

Shippable provided Runtime images

Each of the language images is built from the respective base OS version of the image. Since we install all of the packages, CLIs, and services on the base images, these language images get them automatically. For more information visit the respective base image pages.

Ubuntu 14.04

Built from drydock/u14all

Image Release Date Available in AMI
drydock/u14nodall:v5.8.2 Aug 2017 - Latest Version v5.8.2
drydock/u14nodall:v5.7.3 Jul 2017 v5.7.3
drydock/u14nodall:v5.6.1 Jun 2017 v5.6.1
drydock/u14nodall:v5.5.1 May 2017 v5.5.1
drydock/u14nodall:v5.4.1 Apr 2017 v5.4.1
drydock/u14nodall:v5.3.2 Mar 2017 v5.3.2

Ubuntu 16.04

Built from drydock/u16all

Image Release Date Available in AMI
drydock/u16nodall:v5.8.2 Aug 2017 - Latest Version v5.8.2
drydock/u16nodall:v5.7.3 Jul 2017 v5.7.3
drydock/u16nodall:v5.6.1 Jun 2017 v5.6.1
drydock/u16nodall:v5.5.1 May 2017 v5.5.1
drydock/u16nodall:v5.4.1 Apr 2017 v5.4.1
drydock/u16nodall:v5.3.2 Mar 2017 v5.3.2

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