Ansible CLI

Ansible is available for all jobs that you can execute as part of Shippable DevOps Assembly Lines Platform. All language images with tags since v5.6.1 have this CLI pre-installed.

Supported OS Versions

This CLI is installed in the Shippable base images along with other CLIs. The following are tags and release dates of the each base image.

Ubuntu 16.04

Image Release Date Available in AMI
drydock/u16all:v5.8.2 Aug 2017 - Latest v5.8.2
drydock/u16all:v5.7.3 Jul 2017 v5.7.3
drydock/u16all:v5.6.1 Jun 2017 v5.6.1
drydock/u16all:v5.5.1 May 2017 v5.5.1
drydock/u16all:v5.4.1 Apr 2017 v5.4.1
drydock/u16all:v5.3.2 Mar 2017 v5.3.2

Ubuntu 14.04

Image Release Date Available in AMI
drydock/u14all:v5.8.2 Aug 2017 - Latest v5.8.2
drydock/u14all:v5.7.3 Jul 2017 v5.7.3
drydock/u14all:v5.6.1 Jun 2017 v5.6.1
drydock/u14all:v5.5.1 May 2017 v5.5.1
drydock/u14all:v5.4.1 Apr 2017 v5.4.1
drydock/u14all:v5.3.2 Mar 2017 v5.3.2

Supported Versions

This table helps you choose the right image tag based on the version of the CLI you want to use.

Version Tags v5.6.1 and above

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