Subscription Settings

You can control several aspects of your Subscription from the Subscription->Settings page.

Viewing Subscription settings

  • Click on the Subscription in the left navbar.

Add Integration

  • On the Subscription page, click on the Gears icon and click on Settings. You'll be taken to the Settings page.

Subscription settings view for Shippable DevOps Assembly Lines

The following sections will describe each activity you can control from this page.

Set technical contact

While this is optional, we highly recommend you set a technical contact for your subscription. This allows us to reach out to the right person with breaking changes or any other information that you should be aware of to run jobs on Shippable.

In the Technical Contact section, enter the email address and click on Save.

Set timeout

This is the maximum time(in minutes) after which you want your CI or runSh jobs to timeout. This timeout is used when your CI project or runSh job and the Node Pool on which the CI or runSh job is running do not have any timeout specified. If this is also not provided then default value will be set. Default value for timeout is 60 minutes for free users and 120 minutes for paid users.

In the Timeout(optional) section, enter the timeout value and click on Save.

Reset deployment key

You can create a new deployment key for your Subscription by clicking on Reset all keys. Please note that you will need to re-encrypt any secure variables you created through Subscription Settings if you reset your keys.

Encrypt/Decrypt variables

These sections let you encrypt sensitive information like passwords, keys, tokens, etc so you can use it in your yaml configurations. More information on how to encrypt is here.

Please note that we recommend using the key-value pair integration to store sensitive information instead of secure variables. Advantages of using integrations are listed here.

View deployment key

You can view the public key that all your runtime environments will need in case you to access external resources. This key will be regenerated if you reset your Subscription.