Subscription Nodes

For an in-depth description of types of nodes available for your jobs, please read the Runtime->Nodes docs.

You can view and manage your nodes from the Subscription->Settings->Nodes page.

Viewing your nodes

You can view all the currently active nodes in your Subscription by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Subscription in the left navbar.

Add Account Integration

  • On the Subscription page, click on the Gears icon and click on Nodes. In the NOSE LISTS section, you can view the list of currently active nodes.

Subscription Nodes view for Shippable DevOps Assembly Lines

Please note that if you're using Shippable Dynamic Nodes, you will only see active nodes, if any. For Custom nodes, they will always be shown here since they are always on and available.

Managing nodes

You do not need to manage Shippable provided Dynamic Nodes, since the platform does everything for you automatically. However, you can choose a specific Machine Image to make sure the node has the versions you need for languages/services/CLIs/etc. To learn more about this, read our Machine image document

To manage Custom nodes, please read the Using Custom Nodes document