Managing your plan

A Subscription on Shippable corresponds to an individual or organizational subscription on GitHub/Bitbucket. Your pricing plans are enforced at a Subscription level, so you need to determine your build minion and pipeline needs for each subscription. Only a Subscription Owner has permission to edit billing.

By default, each Subscription is on the free plan which includes:

  • One free CI build container (2 core, 3.75GB RAM) that can run unlimited builds for public repositories and 150 builds/month for private repositories.
  • One parallel build
  • Unlimited users and number of enabled repositories

The free plan lets you run one build in parallel and if additional builds are triggered while a build is in progress, they will be queued.

You should upgrade your Subscription to a paid plan in the following scenarios:

  • You need to run more than 150 builds/month for private projects
  • You are seeing regularly queued builds and want to get build results faster. Buying more minions will enable parallel execution of builds and reduce queuing time.
  • You need more cores or RAM to run your builds

The number of parallel builds you can run for your Subscription is equal to the number of minions in your plan.

Please note that only admins of the organization can view the billing UI and upgrade/downgrade pricing plans.

Viewing your current plan

To get to the Subscription Billing page:

  • Login to Shippable.
  • Click on the Subscriptions icon at the top left of your screen and select the subscription you want to view.
  • Click on the Settings tab and then on Billing in the left sidebar menu.

View current plan

Upgrade your plan

To buy more build minions, simply slide the slider to the number of minions you need.

You can pick the size of your minions from the options in the dropdown.

Choose a credit card, or Enter a new credit card and click on Buy.

We will charge your credit card immediately and send you an invoice. You can also view past invoices on this page.

Downgrade your plan

You can downgrade your plan at any time by moving the slider to the number of minions you need.

Please note that any minion count changes due to your plan downgrade will be effective immediately and you will not receive a partial or prorated refund if you make this change in the middle of a billing cycle.

Your new price will be reflected in your next invoice.