API Tokens

The REST-based Shippable API is fully documented and you can implement custom workflows by calling the API as needed. You need an API token in order to make calls to our API.

All paid subscriptions have complete access to all available APIs. Free subscriptions can only call a subset of APIs documented here..

Please remember to keep your token safe and do not share it with anyone. If your token get compromised, API calls can be made on your behalf and compromise the security of your Shippable account. Treat your API token like an admin password. If your token does get compromised, deleting the token will remove all access to the token.

Generating a token

To generate a new API token:

  • Click on Profile in the left sidebar menu and scroll to the API AUTH TOKENS section.
  • Click on + on the right side of your screen.
  • Enter a friendly name for the token and click on Create to create a new token.

  • IMPORTANT: Remember to copy the token. For security reasons, the token will never be displayed again.

List API tokens on Shippable

Deleting a token

  • Click on your Profile in the left sidebar menu and scroll to the API AUTH TOKENS section.. This will show you a list of your tokens.
  • Click on the token you want to delete.
  • Click on the Delete button and choose Yes.

Free User Tokens

API tokens generated by a user on free plan are called free user tokens. Free user tokens have limited access and can only access the following endpoints:

Method Endpoint
POST /projects/:projectId/newBuild
GET /resources/:resourceId
POST /versions
POST /v2/versions