Jenkins integration

The Jenkins integration is required if you want to run Jenkins jobs.

This page explains how you can add a Jenkins integration to your account by providing the credentials and URL to access your Jenkins server.

Adding your Jenkins integration

  • Click on Integrations in the left sidebar menu followed by the '+' icon in the Account Integrations panel.

Add Jenkins credentials

  • Select external ci as the Integration family.
  • Choose Jenkins from the list of integration types.
  • You need to generate an API token for your Jenkins account to use with shippable.
  • Name your integration and enter your Jenkins username and the API key/token.
  • Enter your Jenkins server URL.
  • Choose the Subscription which contains the repository for which you want to deploy the containers.
  • Click Save

Add Jenkins credentials

Editing your Jenkins integration

Click on Integrations in the left sidebar menu and then click on your integration. You can then change integration name, URL, Jenkins username and API key/token.

Deleting your Jenkins integration

If you no longer need the integration, you can delete it by following the steps below.

  • Click on Integrations in the left sidebar menu, and click on your integration.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Delete button.
  • If there are no Subscriptions using this integration, you will be able to delete it by clicking on Yes. You are done at this point.

Delete integration confirmation screen

  • If your integration is being used by any Subscriptions, you will see a message telling you which Subscriptions are still using the integration.

Cannot delete integration because of dependencies

  • Go to each Subscription listed in the dependencies and delete it from each.
    • Locate your subscription in the left sidebar menu and click on the dependent Subscription.
    • Click on the gears icon and then on Integrations.
    • Click on the integration and the Delete button.
    • Delete the integration.
  • Once you have deleted the integration from all Subscriptions, you can go back to your integration and delete the integration.