Azure DC/OS Integration (Deprecated)

Deprecation Note

This integration has been deprecated. A new integration called azureDcosKey of type generic has been introduced which can be used instead.

If you have any existing Azure DC/OS account integrations of type deploy, you can continue to use them.

The Azure DC/OS integration is used to connect Shippable DevOps Assembly Lines platform to Azure DC/OS to deploy Docker based applications.

Adding account integration

Since this integration has been deprecated, you cannot create new account integrations for it, but can only edit/delete the exisiting AZURE_DCOS integrations. You can use the azureDcosKey integration instead which will work exactly the same way as the deprecated AZURE DC/OS integration.

Usage in Assembly Lines

The Azure DC/OS integration can be used in the following resources:

The main scenarios for using this integration can be found in the Deploy Docker applications docs.

Default Environment Variables

When you create a resource with this integration, and use it as an IN or OUT for a runSh or runCI job, a set of environment variables is automatically made available that you can use in your scripts.

<NAME> is the the friendly name of the resource with all letters capitalized and all characters that are not letters, numbers or underscores removed. For example, my-key-1 will be converted to MYKEY1, and my_key_1 will be converted to MY_KEY_1.

Environment variable Description
<NAME>_INTEGRATION_USERNAME Username supplied in the integration
<NAME>_INTEGRATION_URL URL supplied in the integration

Shippable Utility Functions

To make it easy to use these environment variables, the platform provides a command line utility that can be used to work with these values.

How to use these utility functions is documented here.

Further Reading