Shippable Plans and Pricing

Shippable has several tiers of pricing plans which cater to different types of customers. We are a freemium service with a very competitive free tier which is usually enough for individual users as well as small development teams.

As your team grows or you need more capacity, we have several paid options that address your needs. For a detailed look at Pricing plans, please visit our Pricing page.

Hosted plans

Our Hosted service pricing is shown in the table below. All prices are per build node per month.

Machine Size Free plan
Unlimited builds for public repos
150 builds/month for private repos
Paid plan
Unlimited builds for public repos
Unlimited builds for private repos
Paid plan with Node caching
L One node included $25 $50
XL x $75 $100
2XL x $150 $175
Windows Server 2016
L x $25 $50
XL x $150 $175
2XL x $300 $325
Bring Your Own Node (BYON)
Any size x $25 x

Shippable Server

We also offer Shippable Server, a version of Shippable that you can run behind your firewall. For more details, visit our Shippable Server page.

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