Deploying your application

Shippable supports deployments to many endpoints, for both traditional and Docker based applications.

We have put together samples for all common deployment scenarios:

Artifacts deployment

Docker deployments

Deployment workflow

Consider the following scenario:

  • Your CI job creates a package. This can be a JAR/WAR file or a Docker image.
  • Every time the package is updated, a new version of the application manifest is created. The manifest is a versioned immutable unit of deployment for your application.
  • The updated manifest version automatically triggers a deployment to your Test environment. Your Test team is notified.
  • Once tests are completed and the team signs off on them, the manifest version is automatically deployed to Beta.
  • As it passes through several validation steps, the application is deployed into successive environments until it finally reaches production.

The deploy steps are shown in the image below:

Final Pipeline