Set environment for deployed container

You can also include environment variables needed by your application in your service definition manifest. To do this, you need a params resource that lets you include key-value pairs.


1. Add a params resource

Add a params resource to your shippable.yml file. For example, to set environment variables needed to connect to your database:


  - name: app_env
    type: params
        DB_URL: "my.database.local"
        DB_PORT: 3306
        DB_NAME: "foo"

For a complete reference for params, read the resource page.

2. Update service definition

Next, you should update your manifest with this new resource:


  - name: app_service_def
    type: manifest
     - IN: app_image
     - IN: app_env

For a complete reference for manifest, read the job page.

3. Commit your shippable.yml

Commit your shippable.yml and the workflow will be updated automatically. Next time your deploy job runs, the new environment variables will be added to your deployed container.