Scaling service instances

By default, we always deploy one instance of your application. You can scale it as needed by including a replicas resource in your service definition manifest.


1. Add a replicas resource

Add a replicas resource to your shippable.yml file. For example, to scale your application to 5 instances:


  - name: app_replicas
    type: replicas
      count: 5

For a complete reference for replicas, read the resource page.

2. Update deploy job

Next, you should update your deploy with this new resource:


  - name: app_deploy_job
    type: deploy
      - IN: app_service_def
      - IN: op_cluster
      - IN: app_replicas

For a complete reference for deploy, read the job page.

3. Commit your shippable.yml

Commit your shippable.yml and the workflow will be updated automatically. Next time your deploy job runs, the your service will be scaled up as expected.