Attaching an Application Load Balancer to an ECS cluster

Load balancers are a must-have for any containerized application that wants to run on a cluster. You can easily add a load balancer and apply it to the specific image/port that you want exposed. This makes it easy to repeatedly deploy new services while always making them accessible via the load balancer, thus reducing down time.


1. Add a load balancer resource

Add a loadbalancer resource to your shippable.yml file. As an example:

  - name: app_lb
    type: loadBalancer
      role: role_for_ecs_lb
      sourceName: arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-east-1:679404489841:targetgroup/ecs-deploy-alb-tgtgrp/394643319fd6a729
      method: application
  • The pointer attribute in this resource expects three values to be specified.

    • The role value is set to the name of an AWS IAM role that has the appropriate policy and trust relationship for service load balancing. You can find that information in the AmazonECS service load balancing documentation.
    • The sourceName field is set to the ARN of the target group that was created alongside your ALB. Make sure this is the ARN of the target group and not the ARN of the load balancer itself.
    • The method value is always set to application.

2. Update your deploy job

  1. Find the deploy job where you want to attach the load balancer. In our example for the single container application, this job is named app_deploy_job.

  2. Add the applyTo section in the deploy job. The applyTo section expects the following values to be set:

    • manifest should be the name of the manifest job that needs to be load balanced
    • image is the resource name of the specific image within that manifest
    • port is the container port of that container that is being exposed.

In our example for the single container application, the yml snippet would look like this:


  - name: app_deploy_job
    type: deploy
      - IN: app_service_def
      - IN: op_cluster
      - IN: app_replicas
      - IN: app_lb                      # this should match name of the loadBalancer resource
          - manifest: app_service_def
            image: app_image
            port: 80

Your load balancer will be attached when the deploy job runs next. To trigger it manually, follow instructions here.

Sample project

Source code: devops-recipes/deploy-ecs-elb

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