Gated deployments

You might have a need to manually trigger the deployment of your application to certain sensitive environments such as Pre-production and Production. In addition, there are times when you might want to pause / resume deployments for your application. This document goes over the specific steps to set up this manual, UI-based triggering of your deployment.

Instructions to set up manual triggers

  1. Locate the deploy job defined in your shippable.yml file that you want to turn off automatic triggers for.

  2. Specify switch: off for the input manifest. This essentially prevents a new version of the manifest from triggering an automated deployment. Your code block should look similar to this:

  - name: app_deploy_job
    type: deploy
      - IN: app_service_def       # input manifest
        switch: off               # Add this to turn off automatic job trigger when this input changes
      - IN: op_cluster
      - IN: app_replicas
  1. Commit the file. Your rSync job will execute and update the Assembly Line. Further changes to the input manifest will not trigger an automatic deployment.

You can manually run the deploy job using the SPOG UI from your Subscription dashboard. Click on the eye icon, click on Show SPOG View, then right click on the deploy job name and click Build Job. Detailed instructions are here: Run a job.

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