Customizing deployed service names

Shippable has a default naming convention when running a deploy job, but also allows you to specify custom names.

Naming convention of a deployed service

The default naming convention used by Shippable for services created during deployment is as follows:

Deploy Method Default Naming Convention
  • deploymentName : deployJobName-manifestJobName-buildNumber
    • deploymentName : deployJobName-manifestJobName
      • deploymentName : deployJobName-manifestJobName

        Overriding service names

        Set the deployName attribute in the deploy job in your shippable.yml file.

          - name: <job name>
            type: deploy
            method: upgrade | replace | blueGreen
              - IN: <manifest>                        #required
                deployName: <custom name>
              - IN: <cluster>                         #required

        In this case, the deploy job uses the value given for the deployName tag as the deployment name. Note that blueGreen deployments will have a suffix of build number in their deployment names. So the deployment name will be of the format deployName-buildNumber in a blueGreen deployment.

        Upgrade and replace deployments expect deployName to be present during the first deployment. The name used in the previous deployment will be used in subsequent deployments for upgrade or replace deploy methods. Hence, modifying deployName in a later deployment will not take effect with an upgrade or replace method.