Continuous Delivery with Shippable

While Continuous Integration is a great start towards DevOps automation, there are a bunch of other activities that need to happen while shipping software, including:

  • Deploying software packages through a series of environments, like Dev, Test, Staging, and Production
  • Running test suites against each environment
  • Provisioning networks, clusters, machines, etc
  • Building images, both Machine images (e.g. AMI) and Docker images if using Docker
  • Applying security patches when needed

While these activities are performed across teams and use a variety of tools, you need a consistent way to connect them into streamlined workflows. The Shippable platform was built with Continuous Delivery in mind, so it goes much beyond traditional CI providers in terms of functionality and workflow support.

Shippable's CI support is documented extensively in the CI section, while provisioning and image building tutorials are available in the IT Ops section.

The set of documents under the Continuous Delivery pillar deal with deploying containerized and non-containerized applications, running test suites, and managing release versions.


To get started, you can click through the left navigation menu or take a look at the Tutorials page.

To start with basics of the Shippable platform and how jobs and resources work, please read the Platform section of the docs.