SSH keys

SSH keys are used to access your projects on the source control. Shippable provides two SSH keys.

  • A Subscription SSH key is created when a subscription is created on Shippable. The public key for this is the one on the Subscription Settings tab. By default this key does not have access to any projects. Adding the deploy key to your account on source control gives this key access to all the projects in your account.

Deployment key for your Subscription

  • A Project SSH key is created when a project is enabled on shippable. Any private project will have a deploy key added to the repository and all the private projects are cloned using this key. Public projects will not have this key added to the repository. This key has access to only a particular project and cannot be used to pull or push to/from other repositories.

Every command that runs in your build is executed within an ssh-agent session that contains all the keys present in /tmp/ssh. The subscription key and the project key is also present at this location. 00_sub is the subscription key and 01_deploy is the project key.The sequence of the keys offered for any SSH operation is strictly in alphabetical order. Besides 00_sub and 01_deploy, /tmp/ssh/ will also contain all of the SSH and PEM key subscription integrations enabled . If there are no such integrations, the sequence is to offer 00_sub first, and 01_deploy next.

We recommend you use the subscription SSH key to pull other repositories (for example, private submodules) and Project SSH key to pull/push to the same repository.You may sometimes want to force a key when performing a SSH operation. For example, to force the project key when cloning a repository you can use the following command.
ssh-agent bash -c 'ssh-add /tmp/ssh/01_deploy; git clone /path/to/clone/'

Apart from these two keys you can also set up key integrations and use those keys to access your projects on source control. For example, create a "SSH key integration". Add this newly created key integration to both the 'Subscription' Settings and the shippable.yml of every project you want to use it in.

Example shippable.yml integration:

    - integrationName: my_custom_key
      type: sshKey

Your SSH key will be available on your build container in the /tmp/ssh/ directory. SSH Keys list

You can use this key in the similarly as you use subsbscription key or project key. You can force this key when performing a SSH operations. For example, to force your custom key when cloning a repository you can use the following command.

ssh-agent bash -c 'ssh-add /tmp/ssh/my_custom_key; git clone /path/to/clone/'