Runtime config

In most cases, you want to trigger one build for each commit/pull request to your repository against one node pool. However, there are times when you might want to trigger builds across different node pools for a single code change.

For example, you might want to test against architectures or operating systems.

This scenario is handled by our Multiple Node pools feature, where certain configurations of your yml file lead to multiple builds being triggered per code commit or pull request for multiple runtimes.

The different runtime configurations include -

  • not specifying runtime
  • specifying one runtime
  • specifying multiple runtimes

No runtime specified

If no runtime is specified, then the builds run on the default node pool. The default node pool can be seen on the subscription node pool page.

Runtime with one node pool

  nodePool: <node pool name>

If the build has to be run on a node pool other than the default node pool, the name of the node pool can be specified here. This will make the build run on the specified node pool.

Runtime with multiple node pools

  - nodePool: <node pool name 1>
  - nodePool: <node pool name 2>
    build: #optional

      pre_ci: #optional

      pre_ci_boot: #optional
      ci: #optional
        - #command1
        - #command2
      post_ci: #optional
        - #command1
        - #command2
      on_success: #optional
        - #command1
        - #command2
      on_failure: #optional
        - #command1
        - #command2
      always: #optional
        - #command1
        - #command2
      cache: #optional
      cache_dir_list: #optional
        - #dir1
      push: #optional
        - #command1
  - nodePool: <node pool name 3>

Multiple node pools can be specified as mentioned above. The build section for each node pool can be mentioned. This build section is optional. The options are the same as the options for the main build section in shippable.yml. Specifying the build section for a runtime will override the main build section. The options which are not specified are copied over from the main build section.

Suppose a test has to be run against multiple architectures: x86_64, Arm64 & Arm32, on Ubuntu 16.04. The tests are the same across the 3 architectures. But, if the tests are a success, a docker image has to be built for each architecture and pushed to docker hub. So, the below yml can be specified to run this build

language: none

  - nodePool: Arm32
        - docker build -t foo/arm32_bar:master .
        - docker push foo/arm32_bar:master
  - nodePool: Arm64
        - docker build -t foo/arm64_bar:master .
        - docker push foo/arm64_bar:master
  - nodePool: x86_64

    - # test scripts here
    - docker build -t foo/bar:master .
    - docker push foo/bar:master
    - echo "Tests failed :("

    - integrationName: ship-docker
      type: dockerRegistryLogin

In the above yml, if the build succeeds, the Arm32 & Arm64 images are pushed from the runtime build's on_success section. The x86_64 node pool's image is pushed from the main build on_success section. If the build fails, the Tests failed :( message will be printed for builds running on all the node pools

Using multiple node pools in a CI build