Running tests in parallel

Your project may have tests that can run in parallel. If you have purchased multiple Shippable minions, you can speed up your build times significantly by running these tests in parallel on multiple minions.

After putting these test suites in different directories, you can configure to run them in parallel by making the following changes to shippable.yml file. In the example below, the project has two test suites in the test_suite_1 and test_suite_2 directories.

  • Create an environment variable to specify the test suite directories.
  - TEST_SUITES=test_suite_1
  - TEST_SUITES=test_suite_2
  • Reference the environment variables in the build/ci section of the yml file.
  - $SHIPPABLE_REPO_DIR/node_modules/.bin/mocha --recursive "$SHIPPABLE_REPO_DIR/$TEST_SUITES/**/*.spec.js" -R mocha-junit-reporter --reporter-options mochaFile=$SHIPPABLE_REPO_DIR/shippable/testresults/$TEST_SUITES/testresults.xml
  • When you build the project, you will see two parallel builds in the project dashboard. Build view

  • Each build has its console log output. test_suite_1 test_suite_2

The sample project can be found here.