Running CI as a non-root user

All Shippable builds run as a the root user. Only the root user has permissions on the repository that is checked out in the build container. There are two approaches to running your build as a non-root user.

Use a custom docker image.

This is the simplest and recommended approach. The custom image should have the non-root user account created. Thereafter in the pre_ci_boot, you can set the non-root user's home directory and run all the commands in your yml as the non-root user.

    image_name: image/name
    image_tag: tag
    pull: true
    options: "--user buildslave -e HOME=/home/buildslave"

Use a Shippable image.

If you want to continue using your Shippable image, the recommended approach is as follows:

  • Create a new user.
  • Copy the checked out repository to a folder in the new user's home directory.
  • Grant permissions to the copied folder.
  • Run every build command as the created user.
  • If you are executing unit tests and running code coverage reports and would like to see the results in the Shippable dashboard, copy the test folder to $SHIPPABLE_BUILD_DIR after the tests are completed.

Here is one approach to complete the first three steps:

- adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" ciuser
- CIUSER_BUILD_DIR=/home/ciuser/build
- chown -R ciuser:ciuser $CIUSER_BUILD_DIR```

To run a build command such as gradle as the created user, do this:

- su -c "cd $CIUSER_BUILD_DIR && gradle" ciuser

To copy your test results, do this:

- cp -fR ./tests $SHIPPABLE_BUILD_DIR/shippable/testresults

Here is a complete yml to run a maven build.

language: java

    - adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" ciuser
    - CIUSER_BUILD_DIR=/home/ciuser/build
    - chown -R ciuser:ciuser $CIUSER_BUILD_DIR
    - su -c "cd $CIUSER_BUILD_DIR && mvn clean install -B" ciuser