Enabling a project

The first step to building your project with Shippable is to enable it for CI.

To enable a project, first navigate to the subscription that contains the project you want to enable.

  • Sign in to Shippable
  • Click on the subscription in the left sidebar and then on the + icon near the top right of your screen.

List all Subscriptions

  • Click on the Slider for the project that you want to enable.

List all Subscriptions

  • If you have a private GitHub repository and do not see it in the list, please make sure your account is enabled for private repositories.

  • If you have recently added a repository to GitHub/Bitbucket and do not see it in the list, click on the Sync button. Once the sync is complete, you should see the new repository in the list, for you to enable.

  • After enabling a project, click on the Subscription and then the project that you just enabled. You can build your project by clicking on the Build button.

Please remember that you will need a shippable.yml at the root of your repository in order to run the build. This is the configuration file for your build and tells us the commands you need to run as part of your CI workflow.

Enabling GitHub private repositories

If you want to use Shippable to build private repositories from GitHub, you'll need to authorize Shippable. Please note that you do not have to do this for Bitbucket since You can do this by following the outlined steps:

  • Ensure you have logged in to Shippable using your GitHub credentials.
  • Click on the Account settings (gear icon on the top navigation bar).
  • In the 'Accounts' section and under 'Git Identities', click 'Enable' under 'GitHub'.
  • Click Authorize application in the next page to enable access to private repositories.

Enable access to GitHub Private Repositories