Build timeouts

To avoid situations where builds hang due to test or build scripts, we will time out your builds in specific scenarios.

By default, your builds will time out if:

  • there is no log output or a command hangs for 10 minutes, or
  • the build runs for more than 60 minutes for a project in a free subscription
  • the build runs for more than 120 minutes for a project on a paid subscription

Customizing Timeouts

You can customize the build timeout setting for any enabled project. This setting can be configured to be between 1 - 60 minutes for free subscriptions and 1 - 120 minutes for paid subscriptions.

To customize the timeouts for a project:

  • Go to the Settings tab of your project
  • Scroll down to the Project Actions section
  • Enter a value between 1 and 60 (for free plans) or 120 (for paid plans)
  • Click the Save button.

Console Logs for CI/CD

Please note that if you enter a value less than 1 or greater than 60 (for free plans) or 120 (for paid plans), you'll see the error:

(Id: 4005) Custom timeout is greater than the maximum limit of 3600000 milliseconds
verbose: projects|putById|callerId:XXXXX|projectId:YYYYYY|_validateTimeout

For further reading, we have a blog on Changing the default timeout for a CI project.

Please let us know if you believe a build is timing out when it shouldn't do so and we will take a look.